Acquisition Criteria

James Dolan Limited has an appetite for acquiring companies across the logistics sector to add to the growing JDL Group of Companies. JDL is an experienced purchaser that is nimble, discreet and creative.

Our criteria

JDL uses specific criteria to select the companies that we seek to bring into the JDL Group. Businesses may be considered if:

  • they have annual pre-tax profits of at least £50k+ (or the equivalent in other currencies) for each of the last 3 years;
  • they are consistent profitable and have sustainable sales and strong cash generation for each of the last 3 years;
  • the return on equity is greater than 10%;
  • they have low, or no debt (unless debt can be strategically justified);


If you are a prospective vendor or are aware of interesting companies which would meet JDL’s investment criteria, you should contact JDL will keep all communications strictly confidential and will generally respond to enquiries within five business days.