Export Packing

We understand the value of your product and that it must arrive at its destination in the same condition it they left you. To achieve this your product must be protected and cared for. Our cases are individually manufactured to the exact size and specification required, to provide the optimum level of protection. We have the knowledge and skills to deal with unusual items – no project is too small or too large, whether built around the product itself or in a component form for subsequent packing, they will always conform to a high standard of quality.

We can collect your product and it can be packed at our dedicated facility in Ipswich or can be packed through our on-site service on your own premises.

We are part of the Wood Packing Material Marking Programme, with backing from the Forestry Commission and Timcon, and can provide certification accordingly. All products built by Dooley Rumble comply with the ISPM 15 regulation on wooden packaging materials.

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